Total video Converter

Total Video Converter is an across the board bit of video changing over and altering programming. You can utilize Total Video Converter to effortlessly change over your video records between plenty of various configurations.

When you’ve got done with changing over, you can alter your manifestations and view the completed item before copying it to a CD or DVD. You can likewise send out your recordings for transfer to YouTube, or move them between your gadgets. TVC means to be the one-stop-search for the entirety of your video altering and changing over requirements.

Cart and obsolete

Lamentably, Total Video Converter has unmistakably a greater number of defects than it does positive perspectives. More than all else, the product feels obsolete. Even though it offers an assortment of video designs, it doesn’t offer some progressively current ones.

For instance, while it can change over recordings on iOS and Android cell phones, it doesn’t bolster video document positions for current-age game consoles like PS4/Xbox One. It additionally still offers video transformations for the now-dead PSP, which left creation quite a while prior.

The interface itself seems as though it has a place on a Windows 2000 OS than on any cutting edge PC. Catches feel lethargic, and regularly glitch out and vanish, by and large, making the program hard to utilize except if you need to restart altogether.

The altering instruments specifically are loaded with issues. Chief among them is that the program will much of the time crash when attempting to utilize the altering highlights, making this part of the program pointless. If you do like to utilize TVC to change over your video documents, you might need to think about altering them in a different committed program or application like Wondershare.

By and large, it feels like TVC is attempting to do considerably excessively, and accordingly, doesn’t do anything especially well. At the point when it accomplishes work, TVC is extraordinary for rapidly changing over your recordings, yet it’s difficult to legitimize it when there are better and more state-of-the-art transformation and altering projects to browse.

The goal-oriented reason, poor execution On paper, Total Video Converter seems like a phenomenal bit of programming. In any case, by and by, it’s not.

Even though TVC offers some incredible highlights, they’re dominated by the baffling interface, predictable bugs, and successive accidents. In case you’re searching for a video converter, you’ll presumably have better karma with a program like Format Factory or Wondershare. Both offer comparable highlights without the issues.

All out Video Converter has gone some time without getting any updates. All things considered, the latest form includes new skins and an Internet Explorer reconciliation.

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Sound: CDA, MP3, MP2, RA, WAV, WMA, Ogg, AMR, AC3, AU y SWF


  • Supports a wide assortment of configurations
  • Video altering highlights


  • Cart interface
  • Unintuitive controls
  • Now and again crashes