Software Latest Version Without Any Download

Hey, it’s ESXi upgrade time. Previously we have described many supported ways to upgrade VMware ESXi hypervisor. Via ISO or CD-ROM,  or via vSphere update Manager (if you’re using vCenter server). However, if you want a really simple upgrade ESXi To The Latest Version Without Any Software Download, and without ISO or CD-ROM, just follow this guide.

Upgrading ESXi to the latest version without any software download may be useful for standalone, isolated hosts. Or hosts which are used in some lab workloads. It can be hosts running the free version of VMware ESXi Hypervisor as well. However, this procedure is a supported way of upgrading by VMware (if you’re on support contract).

Our procedure will work only if the host has an internet connectivity. For hosts which are isolated, you can always download the VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) Offline Bundle, place the file on an accessible datastore and proceed with an offline update.

Note: If you’re on uncertified hardware, which has unsupported NICs, you might be interested in a fact that there is a way to revert back in case you lose network connectivity after the upgrade.  Check our article about How to revert back ESXi version.

If you’re experienced VMware user I think that you already know your way, but this post is meant to be for users or admins starting with virtualization.

Now, let’s get back to our Upgrade ESXi To The Latest Version bagas31 info Any Software Download procedure. We’ll need to make sure that all VMs are shut down before we proceed with the upgrade.