Does Your Dream Job Offer BYOD?

If a Generation X worker and a Millennial worker were to debate about what should be available at a new job in today’s market, there most likely would be a few stark differences in opinions.

The workplace has been shaped around the Baby Boomer and Generation X worker, it’s common for businesses to expect workers to execute their jobs with what they’re provided at the office. Oftentimes that means outdated technology and rules and restrictions for use. People can find good jobs in Dubai.

Your generation is unique. Today’s Millennial workers expect technology to be top-notch, and communication seamless and businesses are adapting to these expectations quickly.

Workplace Shift

You and your peers were brought up on mobile phones, advanced video games and a range of social media, thus making you the most tech-savvy generation to date. You are also a part of the largest group, at 80-million-plus and already account for 36 percent of the workforce. Millennial workers are proven to be better at multi-tasking and promoting themselves and their personal brand. Thanks to mobile technology and access to information at any time, your generation is also the most educated than any other American generation in history, according to PayScale.

Because your generation is proving to be a major force in the workplace, many businesses have been adapting to changing workplace needs. The bring your own device (BYOD) trend is a prime example of this adaptation. Many businesses are supporting and implementing the idea of allowing employees to do much of their work through mobile devices outside of the office. However, there are still many businesses that believe the worker should fit into the workplace provided, not the other way around.

Finding Balance

81 percent of Americans are already using a mobile device for work, however, 66 percent of workers say their companies have yet to implement a BYOD plan, notes Secure Edge Networks. Some businesses see BYOD as an advantage, giving their employees the ability to execute multiple tasks at once and whenever needed. However, some businesses don’t like the hassle of micromanaging employee device usage and aren’t keen on controlling a network of devices that could leak sensitive information or draw in viruses that could cripple the business’ entire infrastructure.

Does Your Dream Job Offer BYODWhile many businesses are still warming up to the idea of BYOD business models, Millennial workers also need to learn to adapt to traditional standards, whether that business has a BYOD plan or not. Where Baby Boomers were proud to work for a certain company, Millennials are more inclined to be proud of their personal accomplishments. Every business wants employees to excel, but they want their employees to be proud of where they work and put the company first on their priority list. This means limited social network time during work hours and absolutely no selfie-sharing, or you could lose your job.

Just because a business doesn’t use a BYOD program doesn’t mean it may not be suitable for your career. In fact, you may be the catalyst it needs to open up new doors through the use of mobile technology. The quicker you can learn the company’s vision and adapt to its workplace system, the quicker you can offer ideas on how to improve the workplace. This not only gives you the opportunity to incorporate a BYOD strategy for your personal desires, it also shows you are invested in the company’s interests and can be a great opportunity to advance yourself within the company.

Beyond BYOD

You always have the latest and greatest tech at your fingertips, and you know that you want a job that fits your lifestyle. While searching for your next gig, in addition to the BYOD trend, look for employers that offer these workplace benefits:

Access to gyms: Onsite or remote, a little gym time can boost your mood and encourage productivity.

Relaxed dress code: Do you live in your denim? Consider working for an employer that has a casual dress code. You’ll save money too—no need to splurge on expensive work clothes.

Onsite lunching: Gourmet or grab-and-go, onsite cafes don’t require you to take time out of your day to enjoy a meal.