CES 2020 innovations that promise to steal the show at the world’s top technology fair

CES 2020 innovations that promise to steal the show at the world’s top technology fair

This Tuesday in Las Vegas, USA, a new edition of the Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest technology fair, begins.Every year at this fair thousands of technological innovations are presented to the world with the aim of revolutionizing the markets and our lives.

And this time they will revolve around artificial intelligence, the speed of 5G cell phones, folding artifacts, surveillance technology, audiovisuals in 8K quality and robotics.The BBC sums up the news that will give you more than to speak by categories.The most innovative and successful technologies in the 50-year history of the CES electronics fair

Smart homes

The success of Apple and Google’s smart speakers has made many focus on developing such technologies.

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Bath specialist Kohl is already drawing attention to Moxie, a speaker-speaker shower and microphone that allows you to give instructions while you bathe.

But there’s more. Smartypants has a frying pan that measures the weight and temperature of the ingredients to guide you through the cooking process through an application.Irvin, meanwhile, wants you to swap your stove for one whose knobs allow you to raise the temperature using a voice command and turns off automatically if you left them on and forgot.

And Pantry On proposes to automate the shopping list through smart shelves that monitor the storage of a family’s favorite foods.Meanwhile, several companies present products inspired by Espresso coffee capsules, but for another purpose.This is the case of Ti-gout and AI-Plus Plant box, which from capsules create, respectively, cakes and souffles, and vegetable crops and different herbs.